The Brass Ark is an online website launched by trombonist, Noah Gladstone in 2010. This site is dedicated to the appreciation, collection, restoration and sales of vintage and used brasswind instruments. It was with this goal in mind, to offer a website where brass enthusiasts could buy, sell, trade and learn about these rare horns and accessories, represented by a seller who is not only an expert and enthusiast himself in the field of vintage brasswinds, but also a professional musician and experienced seller. Located in Los Angeles, California, hours are by appointment only.

The Brass Ark offers Consignment Services, appraisals, repairs, trade ins and purchases used horns of the highest quality. If you have a brass instrument you'd like to have represented, appraised or just have a question about it, please have a look at my consignment page in the link above or Send me an email

The Brass Ark offers repairs at The Brass Medic, a repair shop headed up by brass craftsman and superb trombonist, Brad Close.

In the Used Instruments For Sale section of this website, you will find the best selection of used trumpet, used trombone, used french horn, and used tubas as well as a variety of brasswind oddities on the internet. The items I represent on this website can be new, demo, vintage, used, restored or anything in between. As a professional brass player myself, I do my best to represent these instruments honestly and strive to send them out in playable condition. I will not sell an instrument I wouldn't take to a gig myself. I update the website as frequently as possible with lots of photos showing a true depiction of the item. I don't have online ordering and I don't plan on having it for a variety of reasons... most importantly because I enjoy learning about you, your music, and your history. If you see something you like Send me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself. I'll do my best to help you through the process of purchasing a musical instrument over the internet, which can be quite a daunting task!

The Gallery is where I display my collection of brass instrument. You will find photos and descriptions of the instruments in my personal collection. I try to use them all on various performances around town.

In the Journal portion of my site I will write about new instruments or cool people I come across in this business, post photos of other musician’s instruments and information I collect that I think will be interest to my readers. My hope is that this section of the website could be a great resource for people looking to learn more about the world of brass instruments.


updated: July 25, 2022

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Stephens Trombones by Stephen Shires

I am very excited to announce The Brass Ark is the US Dealer for Stephens Trombones, by Stephen Shires. Handmade in Vermont by Steve... what more is there to say. I have a red brass/bronze tenor in stock. Two MV style yellow brass trombones arriving in 12-16 weeks. Email to reserve yours now, as these trombones are sure to be the hot ticket. $5500 without case.

Click here to place an order or for more information about Stephens Trombones

M&W Trombones are Here and In Stock!

Bespoke Alto, Tenor and Bass Trombones made by Matt Walker in Jackson, Wisconsin. Becoming one of the hottest trombone makers in the world! Brass Ark is proud to support M&W trombones and I try to keep them in stock with new horns arriving every few months. An all red brass tenor and a TIS bass are arriving in eaarly 2022. !

For more information visit the "New Instrument" page

Vintage Reissue Purviance Los Angeles Trombone Mouthpieces

I am very excited to announce that Bob Reeves has reissued these special mouthpieces for Jazz trombonists. Built using the original Purviance tooling from the 1930s. Three small shank pieces: 4*3, 5*1, 5*3 and one Bass Trombone are now available in silver and gold plated finishes.

Click here to place an order for your new Purviance Reissue mouthpiece

Stephens Custom French Horns In Stock

I am very excited to announce The Brass Ark is the US Dealer for Stephens Custom Horns, by Stephen Shires. Handmade in Vermont, these are some of the most exciting custom double horns being made!

Click here to place an order or for more information about Stephens Custom Horns

New Gemini Mouthpiece and Sterling Silver from Bob Reeves and The Brass Ark

I am very excited to announce that my continued collaboration with Bob Reeves has yielded a new outer shape for our tenor trombone mouthpieces and we have begun offering mouthpiece options in sterling silver.

Click here to place an order or for more information on these new exciting additions

The Trombone Corner Podcast is Launched!

I am very excited to announce that my collaborative podcast with John Snell, from Bob Reeves Brass, The Trombone Corner, has officially launched. We will be posting weekly hourlong interviews with trombonists from around the world. Click the link below to find the episode library. You can also search for it on your favorite podcast service. Our first three episodes will be with David Rejano, Martin Schippers and Jay Friedman with more to come.

For more information and to listen to episodes

HAAG Trombones are Here!

The Brass Ark is proud to be the US dealer for HAAG instruments from Switzerland! A bass trombone is in stock, with more on the way.

For more information visit the "New Instrument" page

New Seamed Sterling Silver Leadpipes!

We are pleased to now offer any of our leadpipe replicas in seamed sterling silver (925) construction. These exotic metal leadpipes offer amazing depth and core to the sound, rich overtones and projection and a wonderful feel and response. Order Online Here

Jay Friedman: Elements of Sound. A DVD Masterclass In Stock

In January 2017 Jay Friedman and I co-produced a DVD masterclass that covers a wide variety of Jay's pedagogy and his experience playing principal trombone in the Chicago Symphony for 55 years!!! It has been a great honor working on this project with Jay, he is a living legend. I wanted to do my part to help preserve his concepts for trombonists and brass players for years to come. I think what we've created does this. I'm confident it will be enjoyable to watch as well as impart important knowledge for all serious brass musicians.

The DVD is now available! ORDER ELEMENTS OF SOUND

Here's a teaser that will surely make you want more

Brad Close Sackbuts

Exciting historical brass instruments made in house by resident master of brass, Brad Close. These sackbuts are crafted in the traditional ways: bells hammered, burnished and scraped, tubes rolled and seamed and decorations done by hand. Some modern features like chrome slide tubes and tuning slides are incorporated into the design for practical reasons. Raw brass inner tubes can be fabricated on request. Prices are extremely affordable for a handmade instrument with this attention to detail and authenticity. Current delivery time is 4-6 months.

For more information visit the "New Instrument" page and click on the sackbut tab:

Krippendorf Handmade Wood Mutes

Simply the finest solid wooden mutes available on the planet Earth. Our bass trombone mute is currently in production with more models for trumpet, french horn and trombone on the way. Finished in black walnut burl, these mutes not only look amazing but have a unique resonance and phenomenal sound. Playable artwork at its finest.

For more information and to order your own handmade mute, visit our mute page at this link: Mutes

New Small Shank and Bass Trombone Mouthpiece Models and the "Mercury Line" from Bob Reeves/The Brass Ark!

All models are IN PRODUCTION! Delivery for any orders is currently 1-2 weeks. To read more, see the MOUTHPIECES page.
These mouthpieces grasp the mantra of what we're trying to do with our trombone line. They incorporate the spirit of timeless design. Fabricated with modern technology and old world techniques, bringing personality and style while still being as familiar as an old friend. Shipping costs will be invoiced when the order is sent out. $10 for USA flat rate, $36 for international flat rate.

For more information and to order mouthpieces in production, visit the mouthpiece page: Mouthpieces

I have created a new page featuring closeout items, specials, reduced prices on instruments and more. You can checkout with the online cart. DISCOUNT SPECIALS

We make the best leadpipes in the world! These tapered tubes are the first connection between your mouthpiece and your instrument and are a crucial part of the trombone that determines how your instrument will respond and sound. If you feel like you're not getting all of the potential out of your current instrument, try out one of our special replica leadpipes. We offer a variety of tapers, materials and replicas to give you a wide variety of options to modify your trombone. Order Online Here

The collaboration between The Brass Ark and Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces has combined our knowledge and skills to create a phenomenal new line of premium trombone mouthpieces. Available online now with immediate shipping. Sizes available in large shank: Clarke 6.5AL, David Cantero Signature, 5G, 4G, 5G-4G, 4G-5G,"Mr. Bass Trombone 1 1/2G", Orchestral Bass, CV "Charlie Vernon" Bass and small shank pieces: 11C and Clarke 6.5AL as well as Jay Friedman mouthpieces Please read about the project and order one for yourself

I've updated the Frequently Asked Question page, so please have a look here FAQ
The Brassark/Sawday Updated Bach 42 Trombones are in production! Please read about it HERE

I've just done a major website content update with regard to the items and products available on my website. You can now read about the variety of projects we have going on in house and the cool items from my various friends and vendors. You can now order Brass Ark/Brass Medic leadpipes online! Check out the new sections:
  • Mouthpieces
  • Leadpipes
  • Tuning Slides
  • Slide Crooks
  • Trombone Valves
  • Trombone Valves
  • Leather Guards
  • Custom Projects

  • The Brassark Trombone Project has yielded a phenomenal instrument. Please read about it HERE

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    NEW: Instruments Wanted Section!
    I will be maintaining a list of wanted instruments. If you're looking for a particular trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba or even a rare mouthpiece. Send me an email and I'll add you to my list. At the same time, if you have a horn to sell or trade, check out the list to see if I have a client searching for your item.