Roman Cornu Replica by Brad Close

This is a really fun replica made by Brad Close for me of a Roman Cornu. The Roman Cornu was a brass instrument from the Roman empire that was ubiquitous. Originals do survive, including some found at Pompeii. You will often see the cornu depicted in motion pictures as well, as they are both recognizable and historically accurate. Brad built this replica for me with a modular removable 3 valve cluster which enables me to play chromatically on this cornu. Specifically, I wanted an instrument for the off-stage brass part in Respighi's Pines of Rome, which in the final movement calls for this style instrument (usually performed on a modern baritone or tenor tuba). I used this cornu in a performance (along with Brad's cornu of similar design) with great effect and success! The valve section is also removable to make this a true bugle capable of playing the historical overtones of the original design. Because Brad and I are both Star Trek fans, his makers mark is a sterling silver badge in the shape of a Vulcan Lirpa, because… why not!