Conn 66H Large Bore Trombone c.1920s

One of my rarest large bore tenor trombones, the 66H was produced from 1920 and discontinued in 1925. The specifications are .547” bore medium bass with rotary valve to F, tuning in the bell. Similar to my 1939 Conn 66H (88H prototype) The bell section of this instrument is built from red brass. The bell taper and size is similar to the Conn 88H. Of course, it has the traditional "flat wrap" of the time period, friction fit and a small rotary valve. Interestingly, this slide is the only Conn slide I've seen with nickel silver outer tubes and a red brass end crook. It is also wide, like a Bach 42 width, and subsequently has a unique blow and sound compared to modern Conns. It reminds me a lot of the way the German trombones sound, but with a more "American" size. I can only guess that the original owner of this instrument was probably a symphony trombonist from Europe and was trying to find an American made trombone that yielded this traditional Germanic sound. I've not seen many of these around, so if you do have a Conn 66H in your possesion, I want to hear from you!