Conn 82H New York Special, circa 1925

The Conn 82H Trombone is an interesting model produced by Conn in the 1920’s, and was only made for a handful of years, 1924-1927 according to records (but I've seen a few example from the early 20s). The 82H is a medium bore .522” slide with tuning in the slide, bell flares can be 7.5”, 8”, 8.5” (I’ve seen all three variations) and are wonderful trombones. Most notably, later models have a brace near the back bow for the addition of a counterweight, as these horns are front heavy. Also, the later models tend to have larger bell flares, while the earliest examples tend to have 7.5” flares . This particular horn was finished with quadruple gold plating and is totally hand engraved by one of the Stemberg brothers. It plays like a Conn 78H with tuning in the slide, great intonation and partials and works great for principal chair in the symphony.