Egger Renaissance Sackbut after Sebastien Hainlein MDC

Egger makes some of the finest historic brass instruments in the world, this sackbut is a work of art! The MDC model is the most authentic replica Egger offers and I will highlight some of the notable details that make this sackbut so special. This model is based on the Sebastien Hainlein sackbut from 1632. On the MDC model, a special alloy "Nuremburg" brass is usTeed (I've heard that this original brass is closer to a red brass brass than the modern yellow brass that is commercially available (see my Brad Close slide trumpet, which uses an alloy similar to this). The bell is hand hammered, brazed and finished by scraping in the traditional way. All tubes are rolled, seamed and brazed. Egger reproduces the decorations of the original on this instrument, lots of hand engraving and stamping. This instrument also features raw brass inner slide tubes, which make a warm and nuanced sound (but does require a bit more maintenance than chrome inner tubes). I had Brad Close create a two piece seamed and turned historic mouthpiece for me in the traditional style, pictured here with this instrument. A historic 4th position bell and no water key complete the package. It is an amazingly vibrant and lightweight instrument and it makes a lovely sound!