CG Conn 66H with Laetzsch Valve

This is one of my favorite trombones and in regular rotation in my arsenal. This Conn 66H was built in the mid 1920s and is a bell tuning version of the 14H. Originally marketed as a "symphonic bass trombone" it is nearly identical spec wise to the Conn 88H. It has a 8.5" red brass bell, closed wrap in red brass, red brass tuning slide and wide .547" red brass slide. The original valve was worn and needed to be replaced, so I opted to install one of Laetzsch's "Full Flow" carbon rotary valves. I cannot say enough great things about these valves, being carbon they are self lubricating, oversized ports give an even and dependable response, and craftsmanship and longevity is top notch. I particularly love the closed wrap design on this particular trombone, and used it as inspiration for my Arkbone Custom 2.0 model closed wrap. Sure, you don't have an E pull, but who's doing that these days.