Brad Close Sackbut Eb Alto

Price: From $2800

Introducing a new high quality line of sackbuts from my shop mate and friend, Brad Close. These instruments are very exciting and have many players in the early music community very impressed. These are 100% handmade instruments built in our La Crescenta shop. They are hand hammered, burnished and scraped like the originals and the bells are extremely thin and responsive. Based on historical examples, these new line of sackbuts from Brad tick all the right boxes and offer a playable instrument with an authentic sound and feel for a reasonable price. Basic models have simple decoration and a hand engraved bell garland, chrome plated inner tubes.

Delivery times between 6-8 months.

The alto model is based on Hieronimus Starck Nürnberg 1670
(Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg)
Bore: 10.0/10.0 mm, bell diameter: 94 mm

  • Hand engraving like the original instrument is available for $350 extra.
  • Bells are made in 3rd or 4th position.
  • Sterling Silver bell garlands are available for $250 additional.
  • Raw yellow brass seamed inner tubes without stockings are available for $400 additional
  • All instruments are unlacquered and do not include a case.
  • No mouthpiece is included.
  • Close sackbut mouthpiece is available for $145 in raw brass or $185 in silver finish.
  • Kariso hardcase or Brass Bags UK case can be sourced for your instrument for an additional fee.
  • Classical alto and tenor bells are now available on request and can be made as standalone instruments or optional bells to fit with your sackbut slide.
  • Prices for classical bell sections are $1600 in raw brass for alto/tenor, $1800 for bass.