Egger Romantic Tenor trombone after Ed. Kruspe

Price: *on request*

After Ed. Kruspe, Erfurt. Original instrument owned by Egger

Ed Kruspe was a renowned German instrument maker known for his exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, particularly in brass instruments. In the realm of trombones, Kruspe’s creations stood out for their meticulous construction and unique features. His trombones were often fabricated from a special alloy known as “Kruspe Brass,” a blend of copper, silver, and other elements, offering a distinct tonal character and durability. Kruspe’s attention to detail extended to every aspect of the trombone, from the hand-bent tubing and seamed joints to the intricately designed valve systems. One of the hallmarks of Kruspe trombones was their versatility, catering to a wide range of musical styles and performance demands. Whether it was a tenor trombone for orchestral settings or a bass trombone for powerful low-end support, Ed Kruspe’s instruments were revered for their superb quality and expressive capabilities, earning them a lasting legacy among brass players worldwide.

  • Key in Bb (440 Hz)
  • Bore: 13.5/13.5 mm
  • Bell diameter: 230 mm
  • Wide nickel silver garland
  • With modern water key
  • Quart valve optional
  • Embellishments on main tuning slide and slide