Ewald Meinl Historical Brass Instruments

Price: Prices on Request *subject to change with the exchange rates*

Ewald Meinl, formerly Meinl & Lauber, made by hand in Geretsreid, these are some of the most well regarded historical brass instruments available in the world! All of their instruments are modern reproductions of originals with modernization for playability and comfort. All tubes are rolled and seamed in the old way, no commercial brass is used in the fabrication process. There are many options and configurations, so please email for a specific quote. Instruments are usually delivered in 6-8 months. I personally own and perform on Ewald Meinl sackbuts and classical trombones. Jay Friedman owns and performs on a Meinl Romantic alto trombone in Eb (which is fabulous!)

Available Instruments:

  • Baroque Trumpets
  • Alto Sackbuts
  • Tenor Sackbuts (Model Drewelwecz and Model Schnitzer)
  • Bass Sackbuts (Model Hainlein, Model Oller, Model Ehe)
  • Classical Trombones after Schmied Pfaffendorf
  • Romantic German Trombones (After Kruspe, Schopper, Penzel)
  • Natural French Horns *not currently in production*