HSM Bass Trumpet in C

Price: *on request*

From HSM Brass: “At the Frankfurt Music Fair, we were greatly honored to receive the German Musical Instrument Prize 2011 for our C bass trumpet model 200. This prestigious award, often referred to as the “industry Oscar,” was presented to us by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology after over two years of dedicated development work.”

Winning the German Musical Instrument Prize 2011, this HSM Model 200 bass trumpet, highlighted its exceptional qualities. The bass trumpet from Hermann Schmidt Metallblasinstrumentenbau Markneukirchen coming in first place in both the musicians’ test and the acoustics category. It consistently received above-average ratings across all aspects, with particular praise for its low register. Furthermore, in terms of price-performance ratio, the HSM bass trumpet achieved the highest score among the eight competing instruments.

Notably, musicians were impressed not only by its performance but also by its aesthetic appeal. The instrument’s classic design, characterized by straight lines and simplicity, garnered significant appreciation for its looks. Despite thorough reviews, no significant criticisms were found, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail and quality of the HSM Model 200 bass trumpet.

*Photo courtesy of Joybrass Japan as a representation of what this instrument looks like*

  • Brass version, inner and outer slides in nickel silver 4-valve in key of C (Bb upon request)
  • Total height approx. 55 cm
  • bell diameter 170 mm, Weight without mouthpiece 4.5 pounds
  • in raw brass, lacquered adds an extra cost
  • Tuning slide set for Bb  additionalcost
  • interchangeable mouthpipes
  • Silver plating/gold plating options on request