Markus Leuchter Alto Sackbut in Eb

Price: $3400 with case *subject to change*

Markus Leuchter, based in Germany, crafts exceptional Eb alto sackbuts. Collaborating with sackbuttist Harry Ries and drawing inspiration from various makers and original instruments, Markus has fashioned a remarkable instrument. It boasts superior sound quality, excellent playing characteristics, and impeccable craftsmanship. Like all of Markus’s historic brass creations, this alto sackbut offers outstanding value for money, rivaling renowned historic makers in performance but at a more accessible price point for a handmade instrument. The standard model showcases a hand-engraved bell garland, an ornamented bell stay, and a 3rd position bell (with an option for 4th position). Additionally, a tuning slide has been seamlessly integrated into the design for convenience and practicality. The raw brass finish comes highly recommended.

  • high quality thin yellow brass construction
  • bell garland made of yellow brass hand engraved, slide stay baroque ornamentation
  • sterling silver bell garland on request for additional cost
  • chrome plated nickel silver inner slide tubes
  • dual bore .416”/.423” slide
  • bell in 3rd position or historic 4th position
  • tuning slide adaptors for A=430 and A=415
  • water key optional
  • lacquered finish optional, but not recommended
  • hard case