Markus Leuchter Bass Sackbut in F

Price: $4800 with case *subject to change*

Introducing a top-notch F bass sackbut that’s both exceptional in quality and budget-friendly. This instrument is a true gem, providing trombonists with everything they need for playing low parts while making a stylish statement (it’s sure to turn heads with its size and presence). Designed by Markus, this bass sackbut draws inspiration from other F bass trombones while incorporating his unique ideas. Despite its tall stature, this instrument is remarkably user-friendly, offering ease of play and integrating thoughtful features to ensure modern trombonists feel comfortable on a period horn. It comes standard with a crook mounted water key that activates conveniently when placed on the floor.

  • high quality thin yellow brass construction
  • bell garland made of yellow brass hand engraved, slide stay ornamented
  • sterling silver bell garland on request
  • chrome plated nickel silver inner slide tubes
  • dual bore .491”/.500” slide
  • bell in 3rd position
  • hand turned Grenadilla wood handle extension
  • 2nd tuning slide to A=465
  • special Kruspe water key
  • optional lacquered finish, recommended in raw brass
  • hard case