Markus Leuchter German Style Bass Trombone

Price: $7400

Handmade professional bass trombone, fabricated by Markus Leuchter. This beautiful instrument has many features not found on a variety of factory produced instruments. Each bend is handmade to fit perfectly without stress on any joints. The instrument is fabricated out of high quality very thin German red brass (including the valve wraps) and German nickel silver. This instrument is designed to be a good balance point between traditional German trombones and the American style Trombone, incorporating aspects of both. Each instrument is built to order, so it can be set up any way desired.

  • one piece gold brass bell made of very thin .02” brass, optional nickel garland, yellow brass bell on request
  • bell diameter 9.5” up to 10.66”
  • valve wrap in Bb/F/D/Gb or Bb/F/Eb/G on request (.610” valve bore)
  • single bore .562” brass slide, dual bore on request
  • chrome plated nickel silver inner slide tubes
  • removable bell flare
  • minibal linkages
  • lacquered finish, raw brass on request
  • with case