Markus Leuchter Tenor Sackbut in Bb

Price: $3750 with case *subject to change*

Handmade Bb tenor sackbut made by Markus Leuchter. This tenor sackbut is designed using historic instruments and incorportating some of the upgrades of modern trombones without sacrificing the integrity of the sackbut. Modern chrome slide tubes give a smooth slide action, tuning slide allows for the player to adjust to their surroundings and a water key allows for you to empty condensation quickly. These design elements enhance the playability of the instrument and allows for the musician to fully realize the potential and beauty of the sackbut. Each piece of the instrument is handmade by Markus, the level of craftsmanship and detail is high. Recommended in raw brass finish.

  • high quality thin yellow brass construction
  • bell garland made of yellow brass hand engraved, slide stay ornamented
  • sterling silver bell garland on request for additional cost
  • chrome plated nickel silver inner slide tubes
  • dual bore.443”/.456” slide
  • bell in 3rd position or historic 4th position
  • tuning slide adaptors for A=430 and A=415
  • optional water key
  • optional lacquered finish
  • hard case