Matthias Hölle Tuning Slides

Price: From $465

These German made tuning slides are quickly becoming all the rage as players discover their unique tonal qualities and improvements over stock Bach 36/42/50 tuning slides. In addition to the Bach tuning slides, he now makes offerings for Conn 88H, Shires and Edwards. Matthias makes these parts from sheet material and rolls and brazes them together to make the taper of the tube. He then forms it and assembles it. Unique to this tuning slide, ferrules are on the outside of the tube, rather than a gap between tuning slide and leg. Available in yellow brass, gold brass, copper or nickel silver, lacquered, with our without a cross brace.

Well, how do they play. I own one of the copper and sterling silver (sterling is no longer available, sorry!) tuning slides for my personal Bach 42 as well as use the seamed gold brass on my 88H and Mt Vernon 50B and I can report that the response was more even and free blowing, especially in the upper register. It yields a warmer more colorful sound that removes some of the “unrefined” edginess a trombone can sometimes have in the louder dynamics. I also found that it helped to blend the sound in the section. I try to keep a few of these tuning slides in stock for immediate shipment. Otherwise, please allow 3-4 months for delivery for backordered or special order tuning slides.



Hoelle Tuning Slides are available for the following instruments in seamed gold brass, seamed pure copper or seamed nickel silver, $465 without brace or $510 with brace

  • Vincent Bach 36
  • Vincent Bach 42
  • Vincent Bach 50
  • Conn 88H
  • Shires Artist Large Tenor
  • Edwards T350 Tenor
  • Brushed Lacquer finish is available for an additional $45 per tuning slide