Musik HAAG Alto Trombone in Eb

Price: $4000

Handmade by Fabian Bächi in Switzerland in house at HAAG Musik, this is a new gold brass Haag alto trombone in Eb. An absolutely wonderful and stunning alto trombone, clarity and brilliance and sparkle are words that come to mind playing this trombone.


*Price subject to change*

  • Tuning: Eb
  • Bore: 12.4mm / .488”
  • Bell: 170mm / 6.693”
  • Bell: hand hammered, Gold brass
  • Tuning Slide: Brass, Gold brass, Copper, Bronze
  • Inner slide: nickel silver, chrome-plated
  • Outer slide: gold brass, nickel silver
  • Finish: lacquered
  • Accessories: Bag