Musik HAAG Bass Trombone

Price: $7500

The body is gold brass with yellow brass valve wrap with custom inline precision axial valves in Bb/F/Gb/D. One piece bell with a large taper bell throat, makes a grand noise. The hand grip and bell lock ring is unique, curved brace for comfort and the lock ring doesn’t protrude into your palm, very clever! Its a stunning instrument to play and the tone and color projects so well! Brass Ark is proud to be the US dealer for Musik HAAG. Included is a Lion gig bag, super nice.

*Photo shown with BOSC Axials, new production has in house HAAG axial valves with titanium core*


  • One piece 9.5″ gold brass bell
  • .562″ slide bore, gold brass outer tubes, nickel crook, unique bell lock
  • chrome plated, nickel silver inner slide tubes
  • inline precision in-house HAAG Axial flow valves in Bb/F.Gb/D or Laetzsch Full Flow rotary valves or BOSC rotary valves
  • lacquered
  • LION gig bag