Musik HAAG Contrabass Trombone in F

Price: $16,500

An epic contrabass trombone flagship from Musik HAAG, made in Switzerland by master Fabian Bachi this model one of the most widely used and respected contrabass trombones ever designed. Originally made by Franz Monschau, Fabian has continued the tradition and even upgraded with modifications of his own. In house axial valves with titanium cores are the most recent addition. As played by some of the legends: Ken Kugler, George Thatcher, Bob Sanders, Bill Reichenbach, Charlie Vernon, Stephen Fissel and more! Each instrument is built on request, so we welcome custom orders and specs. Reach out to make this dream horn your reality.

  • Tuning: F/C/Db or F/D/BBb
  • Bore: 14.5mm / .571”
  • Valve: Axial valve (Thayer) or HAAG Full Flow Rotor
  • Thumb Lever: German- or American style
  • Bell: 270mm / 10.629”
  • Bell: hand hammered gold Brass with or without Nickel silver Rim
  • Bell material : red brass, gold brass, yellow brass, bronze
  • changeable or fixed bell
  • Tuning Slide: Gold brass, brass, copper, bronze
  • Inner slide: nickel silver, chrome-plated
  • Outer slide: gold brass, nickel silver
  • automatic water flap on the slide
  • Standard finish: bright lacquered
  • other finishes on request: matte lacquered, vintage style, silver-plated, gold-plated
  • Accessories: bag, hand brace, slide handle