M&W Model 210 Small Bore Jazz Tenor Trombone

Price: $3240

The Brass Ark is proud to be a dealer for the exciting new custom crafted instruments from Matt Walker of M&W Trombones out of Jackson, Wisconsin. Matt honed his craft building the original Greenhoe trombones and his attention to detail with these new musical offerings from his own brand in top tier. These trombones are stunning, being built with only the best materials and craftsmanship… the results are impressive!

Well, how do they play??? The first thing I notice about M&W Trombones are how solid they feel in your hands. Everything is in the right place, feels exactly how it should. There is weight here, its not a lightweight design, but it is a solid design, I appreciate that. The next thing you will notice is how easy and comfortable the instrument is to play. The valve is balanced, the bell is thin and responsive and the slots are well defined. When you blow a centered sound you are rewarded, when your air isn’t as focused the instrument helps guide you back to the center. At the heart of this design is an orchestral trombone, that’s the sound it makes and it does this extremely well.

I will endeavor to keep one of these instruments in stock at all times, but as demand increases I expect new instruments to arrive every 3-4 months. Custom specs and special orders are welcomed, I will gladly offer my expertise to help tailor an instrument to your tastes.

Whether you are a solo player or section player, the M&W 210 will give you the sound you want and need. The 210 boasts clear, focused projection, immediate response of sound, and flexibility of tone color giving you the ability to let your personality shine. From Dixie to big band to bee bop to rock or ballads, it will do it all!

  • .500 Handslide (optional .508) yellow brass or nickel silver, standard weight or lightweight
  • Bell Diameter: 8″ (optional 7.5″) yellow brass, gold brass, or red brass