O’Malley Trombone Bells made in Chicago, IL

Price: From $600

One piece trombone bells handmade in the Chicago workshop. One request in 2 piece versions. Available in yellow or red brass, nickel or sterling silver. Offered in a Bach 42 style bell, Bach 45 style bell and a Bach NY6 style bell. Diameter on request. If you’d like to order a trombone bell, please write me and I can help consult with you on your order. Delivery time is usually 1-2 months. Cut bells are available on request

  • yellow brass from $600
  • red brass from $665
  • nickel silver from $850
  • sterling silver from $1800
  • cut bells are available on request for an extra cost

All bells are delivered raw and unfinished without mounting hardware. They will need to be sanded, buffed, mounted and installed by a competent tech