Orchestra Tenor *Introductory Pricing*

Price: $5000 *introductory pricing*

This collaboration was born from a passion to bring high-quality professional trombones built 100% in the USA, with all components made in-house at O’Malley Brass in Chicago, Illinois, to maintain the utmost standards of production and design. Working together with Jay Friedman, one of the most influential and regarded principal orchestral trombonists (and longest-serving principal brass player in any orchestra in the world!), along with input from Noah Gladstone (a Los Angeles professional trombonist and owner of The Brass Ark) and the master craftsman Miles O’Malley, we are proud to bring a new line of custom trombones as an offering to musicians around the world searching for that special instrument that connects with them. By fusing meticulous craft with our obsession with brasswinds, we’ve created this line of instruments to capture a timeless sound that will stand up to the rigors of the most demanding professional situations. Read on to learn more about the team behind these new custom trombones.

*Our first prototype is pictured here, production model may have some slight variations in design*

  • in-house 8.5″ one piece yellow or gold brass bell
  • French rim and soldered bead
  • .547″ bore standard weight yellow brass slide with nickel silver crook or lightweight nickel silver slide
  • in-house proprietary rotary valve with hand bent traditional wrap F attachment
  • hand bent tuning slide in yellow or gold brass
  • hand engraved bell
  • removable leadpipe with Shire compatible threads
  • unlacquered (lacquered finish on request +$400)
  • Sold without case
  • 100% of parts are made and assembled in-house in Chicago