Serpent in C with 4 keys by Pierre Ribo

Price: $7500 *subject to change*

Pierre Ribo is renowned for crafting some of the world’s finest serpent instruments. Originating in France during the late 1500s and played until the 1800s, this unique instrument has found a dedicated artisan in Pierre, whose workshop is located in Brussels, Belgium. Not content with merely preserving its historical significance, Pierre has devoted himself to enhancing the serpent’s quality and craftsmanship. The result is nothing short of exceptional—the instruments bear witness to unparalleled skill and artistry, truly embodying playable pieces of artwork. Playing one of Pierre’s serpents is an exhilarating experience, immediately captivating with its resonant and tone. Available in C, these serpents can be meticulously crafted from maple or walnut (other woods on request), enveloped in calf leather, and finished in natural, dark brown, or classic black. Crooks in A-440, 430, and 415 are on offer, along with optional keys like B Natural, F sharp, E flat, and C sharp. Mouthpieces are made of boxwood or horn. A case can be included.

  • Keyless Serpent in C, A=440 (Walnut or Maple) after an original by Coeffet, $5338
  • 4 Key Serpent in C, A=440 (Walnut or Maple) after an original anonymous maker located at the Brussels Museum “Mahillon Collection”, $6304
  • Additional Brass Crook (in A=430, A=415), $450 each
  • Additional Mouthpiece in Boxwood or Horn, $175
  • Semi-Rigid case, $450
  • *choice of leather: natural, dark brown, black*