HSM / Brass Ark Model 2.0 Custom Arkbone Collaboration

Price: $5600

The Brass Ark Series Two is our second generation custom trombone, designed by Noah Gladstone in consultation with Thomas Zsivkovits and Jay Friedman. These new trombones will be made only in small batches, made per order and can be customized in a variety of ways. The concept behind this new design is to offer a unique orchestral tenor trombone committed to being its own thing, it is not a rehash of a Conn 88H or a Bach 42. Old world hand craftsmanship with attention to detail is our goal. These instruments are made by master Stephan Schmidt in Germany for The Brass Ark with each piece being made specifically for each individual instrument. A true handbuilt custom trombone. The sound is everything you’d expect: warm, vibrant, colorful, nuanced, brilliant, rich and balanced. For version two, I wanted to offer more options, for the first time we are offering a closed wrap configuration for those old school players, but with a twist on the design inspired by the vintage Conn trombones of the 1920s designed by Jake Burkle. Our open wrap features elegant sweeping hand bent tubing with minimal bracing, yielding one of the most responsive bell sections on the market. The newest feature of this model is the special bronze rotary valve, made specifically for this instrument by one of the most well respected valve makers in Germany. The bronze core and bearing plate will ensure years of professional use. Bells are one piece and available in ultra thin red brass, or standard weight yellow or gold brass with soldered rims. All crooks are seamed and hand bent. To place an order, please email for a free consultation with Noah and we can set up a time to discuss specs for your own instrument. 50% deposit at time of order, with balance due upon arrival of your trombone. Since these are all hand built to order, 4-6 months delivery. Sold without case.

  • – One piece 8.5″ bell in standard weight yellow brass, gold brass or ultra thin red brass, with soldered rim
  • -Traditional Closed Wrap or Modern Open wrap F attachment options with lightweight bracing
  • – German machined special rotary valve with bronze bearing plate and bronze core, made by one of the legendary masters for this instrument
  • – Chrome plated, nickel silver inner slide tubes
  • – .547″ standard weight slide (yellow brass or nickel silver outer tubes with yellow, red or nickel crook) OR .562″ lightweight nickel slide (Jay Friedman specs_ with Brassark/Brass Medic brass press fit leadpipe
  • – Seamed Yellow Brass, Gold Brass or Red Brass tuning slide, Optional tuning slide bow guard in nickel silver adds $150
  • – Optional remote water key (push button) adds $290
  • – Lacquered, raw brass on request