C.F. Schmidt Berlin 4 Piston Valve Euphonium in Bb

This is an ultra rare euphonium made in Berlin sometime between WWI and WWII by the famous brass family maker C.F. Schmidt. Schmidt was famous for their double french horns, many of which are still being used today and are in high regard. Their design of horn incorporated a piston change valve which was revolutionary at the time… and here we have a 4 valve piston euphonium made during a time when euphoniums in Europe were 99% rotary valve instruments and oval shape, making this euphonium extra special for not only its innovative design but also for being a survivor and making it intact and still playable after all of these years… it is likely over 100 years old or nearing it. I’m really taken by its upright design which is reminiscent of some of the early Conn euphoniums and later the Marzan instruments. All of the tubing in this euphonium is hand bent and made specifically for this instrument, each bend is a work of art. It takes a standard small shank mouthpiece and its a wonderful sounding instrument. As history recalls, the entire Schmidt factory was bombed and destroyed during WWII and the family did not survive. This instrument comes to my collection by way of Dr. James Hampson, a hornist on the east coast. He found it at a thrift shop… what a find! Glad to have this beautiful euphonium here proudly in my museum.