C.G. Conn Elkhart 12H Medium Bass Trombone

Here’s another oddball trombone from the 1920s Conn factory, the model 12H—an ultra-rare find. During this period, Conn produced numerous variations and types of trombones in various sizes and with different features, and this model is one of those unique variations based on the Conn 14H. The standout feature of the 12H is its piston valve F attachment, activated by the first finger on your left hand, unlike the more common rotary valve version. This piston valve, with its direct open port, gives the trombone a very open feel when played, almost excessively so. Additionally, the ergonomic design of this model isn’t the most comfortable, which may explain why this particular design never gained popularity. The specifications of this instrument are also intriguing, featuring a .547″ wide slide with tuning in the slide, an 8.5″ bell flare, and a flat wrap F attachment—essentially a Conn 88H with a piston valve. The silver finish with the gold wash in the bell signals to me that this trombone was quite expensive for its time in the 1920s. It includes the original mouthpiece and case, and the instrument is in phenomenal condition.