C.G. Conn Elkhart 66H with Laetzsch Valve

This Conn 66H trombone from the mid-1920s is one of my cherished instruments and sees regular use in my lineup. It’s essentially a bell-tuning version of the 14H and was initially marketed as a “symphonic bass trombone,” boasting specs nearly identical to the Conn 88H. With its 8.5″ red brass bell, closed wrap in red brass, red brass tuning slide, and wide .547″ red brass slide, it embodies a classic design.

Due to wear, I replaced the original valve with Laetzsch’s “Full Flow” carbon rotary valve, and I can’t praise these valves enough. Made of carbon, they are self-lubricating, feature oversized ports for an even and reliable response, and are crafted with longevity in mind. The closed wrap design on this trombone is particularly appealing to me, serving as the inspiration for my own Arkbone Custom 2.0 model closed wrap from HSM. While it lacks an E pull, which isn’t commonly used nowadays, it excels in so many other areas.