C.G. Conn Elkhart Model 14H “Medium Bass Trombone”

In the 1920s, C.G. Conn produced a vast number of trombones with various specifications and sizes. Having collected Conn trombones over the years, I’ve noticed striking variations from one model to another—it’s as if each horn was custom-made. One such variation is the Conn 14H, which was manufactured from 1927 to 1932. It’s a medium bore bass trombone with a rotary valve to F and tuning in the slide. According to the Conn Loyalist website, these trombones are dual bore, but this particular one has a straight .547″ bore. The slide width is wide, reminiscent of a Bach 42. The bell diameter on my 14H is 8.5 inches. This one is silver-plated with gold plate inside the bell flare, I have a suspicion it is red brass underneath the silver.

Originally, these trombones featured German-style string linkage with a leather loop to operate the valve. However, the previous owner of this instrument, a custom trombone repairman, created a special string linkage system for the horn. The sound of this trombone is entirely unique—imagine it as a tuning-in-the-slide version of the Conn 88H! It has been said that Gary Greenhoe designed the Greenhoe custom TIS tenor trombone based on his personal 14H, which he thought was the finest trombone he ever played!