C.G. Conn Elkhart Symphony Tenor c. 1916

This is my personal trombone which is my “daily driver”. It is a pre model “Symphony Tenor” made around 1916 and is roughly the size of a Conn 88H. The bell is a two piece cross seam 8.5″ red brass with soldered rim, the neckpipe and tuning slide as well as the flat wrap valve section is also the same red brass. In order to have a more usable slide for modern use, I modified a 1950s Elkhart 8H slide to fit the bell section, making it wider with a Brassark slide crook along with a Brassark 1919 8H leadpipe replica, I do have the original slide for this instrument and it is also a .547″ bore. The style of the design is very similar to the German trombones of the era and I have to imagine that this was some kind of copy or influenced by those European trombones that had made it over to the USA. It has beautiful bracing and decorative rings and ferrules and is all handbent tubing. Rare to have the valve wrap on the front side of the trombone, but I enjoy the look a lot. I had Steve Shires model his “Brassark TIS tenor” for his new Stephens line after this trombone.