Conn 66H Trombone c.1939/1940

One of my main instruments, the Conn 66H is an interesting trombone. According to the Conn Loyalist (one of my favorite sites) the 66H was produced from 1920 and discontinued in 1925. The specifications are .547” bore medium bass with rotary valve to F, tuning in the bell. My instrument was built in 1939/1940 and is marked 66H Spec on both the bell and slide section. The entire instrument is built from either red brass or gold brass and you will see the variations in material in the photos. The instrument is nearly identical to the Conn 88H in every way. The tuning slide, hand slide and bell taper is the same as my later examples of 88Hs (and are even interchangeable), leading me to believe that this instrument is perhaps one of the earliest examples of the 88H. As the 88H was not produced officially until 1954, perhaps the 66H was the closest thing to these specifications in the Conn archives and this instrument was stamped as such. Some interesting features of the horn: the bell flare is made in two pieces, but the flare has a seam in it, with a cross of the seams. The rim wire is stainless steel and the rim is soldered. The rotary valve stops are unique (I haven’t seen another example like it), The valve wrap, tuning slide bow and hand slide bow are all hand bent. A variety of materials were used on this instrument.