Conn 8H Trombone, circa 1919

The Conn 8H is the classic orchestral trombone. This trombone is from the earliest production of the model 8H, made in 1919 and is all red brass. The bell is an 8” flare, made with a cross brazed flare with a stainless rim wire and soldered rim. With the help of my friend, Thomas Zsivkovits, I had the slide rebuilt and the original leadpipe pulled by Hermann Nienaber at the Laetzsch company in Bremen. The original leadpipe is paper thin and made from very soft red brass. It was really stuck in the horn and I didn’t want to lose it. Mr. Nienaber was able to remove it perfectly. Interestingly, the leadpipe taper is nearly identical to the modern Conn 8H/88H taper, but does not have a Remington mouthpiece taper. Most 8Hs from this vintage have friction fit bell to slide connectors, interestingly, this trombone has a threaded nut (which is original).