Conn Elkhart 62H with original Thayer Valves

This is  a horn that many of my friends helped me build so a big shoutout to the following: Thomas Zsivkovits, Benn Hansson, Bryan Tipps and Don Sawday. Thank you guys!

This is a Conn Elkhart 62H bass trombone with original O.E. Thayer valves from 1987, chrome plated valve cores with bronze plates. The valve section was originally built by Romeo Adaci and features a lot of old school hand bent gold brass tubing. The slide is a newer Greenhoe custom wide .562″ with tuning in the slide. The bell and J bend are from a donor original 1968 Elkhart 62H. Benn refit the valves, Don Sawday did the final installation and design in conjunction with me. Don custom made ferrules from nickel stock to make the J bend removable to access the 2nd valve for cleaning. We cut the bell (I know, shame on me!) to give some flexibility for traveling and getting this bass trombone in a smaller flat case. It plays amazing, one of the best low C and low B’s I’ve tried on a bass trombone. Enjoy this unique instrument from my collection made by my friends!