F.A. Heckel German Romantic Tuba in F

A very rare turn-of-the-century tuba in F, made in Dresden, Germany by Friedrich Alwin Heckel (1845-1915) of the famous Heckel family of instrument makers. It is very rare to find a tuba in F with four valves from this time period, and it is perfect for historical performances of Romantic repertoire, especially compositions by Johannes Brahms. This tuba plays remarkably well and is the perfect low voice for a section of Romantic trombones. It is on the smaller side, measuring 34 inches in length with a bell diameter of 10 inches. A traditional wide garland in nickel silver, engraved just like the Heckel trombones, is affixed to the bell and measures 2 inches. Heckel is well known for building exceptional brass instruments for the royal court at Saxony.