German Romantic Bass Trombone by Ed. Kruspe Erfurt

This instrument started out its life in the 1900s-1910s as a single valve bass trombone. It was modified with a 2nd valve to give it a modern versatility and the work was very well done, keeping with the design and integrity of the original instrument. It is made of red brass and has a wide nickel silver kranz engraved with oak leaves and the makers stamp. The sound is wonderful, especially with a full section of German romantic trombones on the music of Dvorak, Brahms, Schubert, Mahler, Bruckner, Schumann and others from that era. I had Geert van der Heide make me a period accurate replica mouthpiece (pictured) and also use replica mouthpieces from Schmidt mouthpieces. The instrument does not have an integrated bell tuning slide as was the tradition of the period. Kruspe was one of the most highly regarded brass makers in Germany, making instruments from the late 1880s up until the 1940s, after which the firm changed hands many times. They were famous not only for their trumpets and trombones but also for their french horns (the Conn 8D is a copy of the Kruspe Horner model) and their tubas!