Vincent Bach New York Model 40B

Here’s another intriguing find from the early New York Bach factory—a model 40B trombone, clearly stamped as such with a serial number in the 1xx range, placing it among the earliest known surviving Bach trombones. What makes this trombone fascinating is its remarkably finished and refined appearance for its early production date. It’s quite uncommon to see a trombone this large, let alone labeled as a model 40B from the early 1930s. This instrument is entirely original, complete with its original case, and remains in impeccable condition.

The specifications are equally intriguing: it features a one-piece 9″ yellow brass bell with a wide French bead, a traditional wrap F attachment with a German-made nickel silver rotary valve, and a dual bore .525″/.547″ narrow width handslide. In terms of size, it closely resembles the later model 45. While I’ve encountered a few 40Bs over the years, none have been as early as this one, leading me to speculate that it could be one of the earliest larger bore trombones ever produced by Bach.