Receiver Rings

The Bob Reeves/Brass Ark Receiver Rings for Trombone


Bob Reeves Brass/ Brass Ark trombone receiver rings are precision machined brass rings that fit around the receiver of a trombone, where the mouthpiece enters the instrument.

Our rings are designed to help create additional support between the connection of the mouthpiece and the instrument. The ring prevents the dissipation of energy that often occurs at this critical connection, helping to retain and transfer the sonic vibrations more efficiently into the instrument. The player will find that response and purity of sound will be improved, as well as better slotting and projection and a stabilized upper register.

The receiver rings are available for a variety of stock trombone slides for press fit or soldered in leadpipes only (without threaded leadpipe receivers). The ring fits tightly over the receiver and can be installed or removed without any tools necessary. A milled slot allows for the ring to stretch or contract as needed.

Not sure which size is best for you, or have a question. Send me an E-mail and I'm happy to offer a consultation and guidance the plausibility of a custom ring

Bob Reeves/Brass Ark Receiver Rings:
Tenor Trombone Small Shank:
  • - Bach 36

Tenor Trombone Large Shank:
  • - Bach 42
  • - Conn 88H

Bass Trombone:
  • - Bach 50

-Silverplated Retail Price: Discounted Price: $50
-Goldplated Retail Price: Discounted Price: $90
-Customers Handstamped Personalized Initials (up to 3 letters) $5
Here is a video demonstration of installation on a Bach 42 trombone. The ring slides over the outside of the cork barrel/mouthpiece receiver.

Buy Bob Reeves/The Brass Ark Receiver Rings Online

These online ordering forms are designed to allow clients to purchase receiver rings. If you're unsure how to use these forms Send an E-mail. Please note that orders from Japan should go through our exclusive Japanese dealer, Joy Brass.
Reeves/Brass Ark Receiver Rings Online Order Form- USA Customers
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Reeves/Brass Ark Mouthpieces Online Ordering Form- International Customers
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