Slide Crooks

The Brass Ark Custom Slide Crooks for Trombone


The slide crook is one of the most influential parts on your trombone that defines how your instrument will respond and sound. Anyone who has tried a narrow Conn slide or a wide Bach slide, a full round crook or a squared dual radius crook has experienced the difference that a crook can have on a trombone design. So what is the difference you ask? There are some general theories behind the shape and material of each crook.

Rounded Crook:
  • Have a smooth and easy blowing response. Many trombonists find these crooks to sound brighter and in my opinion take a focused air column to reap the maximum benefit of the single radius bend.

Dual Radius (Square) Crook:
  • As found on Bach 42 and 50 trombones, the dual radius crook was devised to give more resistance and focused, thus more control over the blow, giving a faster response. Think of this style crook as "power steering" as it will help you narrow and define your articulation, especially on with a wider bore crook.

  • Yellow Brass: gives a big and powerful sound, capable of taking a lot of air. Articulations can be pointed with a good carry
  • Gold Brass: gives a dense and warm sound, more nuanced and colorful with a variety of definition and complexity to the sound color. Articulations can be veiled in soft dynamics and pronounced in loud dynamics
  • Red Brass: a dark sounding material with the most dynamic contrast from loud to soft, wide and blooming sound.
  • Nickel Silver: gives a fast speaking response with a good balanced sound. A good option for all around playing where clarity is needed and a not too dark or not too bright sound is desired

Current offerings:
Brass Ark Seamed Trombone Slide End Crooks $225

  • Brass Ark Conn 88H Style Narrow
  • Brass Ark Tenor Wide
  • Brass Ark Bass Wide

Crooks are made from sheet brass, which is rolled and brazed with a seam. Each is then hand formed and bent to the shape of the original design. The wide round and the dual radius .554" are original crooks for the Brass Ark. Crooks are available in any choice of material and are supplied as just the bend (end pin, water key assembly and ferrules are not supplied). You will need to have a competent repairman or brass technician install the crook or we are happy to install for you at the Brass Ark by master technician, Brad Close. You can send your slide and we will install and return to you for a small fee.