Alexander Contrabass Trombone in F

Price: $6600

This is an Alexander contrabass trombone in F, probably from the 1950s. It is setup in the traditional German style configuration but has been modified to “American” tuning of F/C/Db/A by Brad Close. It is totally a one of a kind instrument. The bore is smaller than many modern contrabass trombones and you get a more trombonish character to it, a traditional contra sound and not a blatty one. Slide action is good, its a long one so you need the stick to reach the outer positions. Brad Close created and installed the modern trigger system incorporating the original linkages to keep the vintage look. Sold without case or mouthpiece. The mouthpiece shank is a bit unique, Doug Elliott does make a proper shank for this size FWIW. $6600 for a one of a kind instrument! SOLD