Antique Ed. Kruspe Bass Trombone

Price: $5500

This is an instrument from my personal collection. This is a 1930s Ed. Kruspe Erfurt German bass trombone. The bell measures at 9.75″ diameter and the slide is a dual .535″/.555″ bore, it takes a large shank bass trombone mouthpiece. It is made of thin gold brass and has the traditional Kruspe snake decorations on both of the bows. There is a tuning slide on this instrument that is original. The F attachment is a traditional rotary valve and has a leather/string actuated pull strap. The sound is remarkable on this instrument, both warm and brilliant with a wide range of colors. The larger throated bell helps throw the sound in a wide array that gives the orchestra a nice comfy bass trombone cushion and presents a solid foundation for the brass section. I’ve used this instrument on a variety of period performances in a section of German trombones for Schumann, Brahms, Schubert and Mahler and it always is a star. Kruspe bass trombones are extremely rare, this is a unique opportunity to own a special collectible piece of playable artwork. The original case is included. The gold brass material is very soft, you’ll notice that one of the F attachment tubes has been slightly flattened, this is from the way it sits in the case, it would be difficult to repair and doesn’t affect the playability of the instrument.