C.G. Conn Elkhart 32H Burkle Trombone

Price: $1450 sale pending

The Conn 32H is one of my favorite small bore trombones ever made. It has totally unique specs and is wonderful to play, no one makes anything like this model anymore. Jake Burkle, long time trombone steward of the Conn factory from the late 1800s up until 1950 set out to design two jazz trombones, the smaller 30H and this larger 32H. It is a dual bore .500″/.522″ narrow slide jazzer with a 7.5″ yellow brass bell. The tapered slide crook is specifically designed for this model. I always suggest this model for larger bore players looking for a jazz trombone that blows complimentary to the larger trombones… this is it. This particular trombone was restored and relacquered at some point in its life. The work was well done, the engraving is a bit light but still quite visible. The famous slide crook is in great shape (these are usually smashed and no replacement parts exist). This one has the deco engraving and gold brass slide tubes. It’s from the mid 1950s and is the vintage you want! $1450 with a king coffin case.