C.G. Conn Elkhart 72H Single Valve Bass Trombone

Price: $2400

This Conn 72H bass trombone, manufactured in Elkhart, is a bell-tuning variation of the renowned 70H model. With the trend of slide trombones featuring less tuning in the slide due to added weight, Conn aimed to provide a lighter alternative. The 72H maintains the same design elements as the 70H, including a tighter taper yellow brass bell measuring 9.5 inches, gold brass outer slide tubes, a .562″ slide bore with an extended slide for low Cs, and a shorter bell section to accommodate the longer slide, along with extended F attachment tubing for an E pull. This vintage piece from the mid-1960s is in excellent, lightly used condition, making it a superb find. It comes with a cordura gig bag for added convenience.