Conn Elkhart 78H “Spec” 1930s Medium Bore Trombone

Price: $2200

This is a wonderful vintage Conn .522″ medium bore trombone made in the late 1930s. Stamped with a “SPEC” as a special order it was likely overseen by the master Jake Burkle himself. For me, these 1930s SPEC horns are the top Conn players, there’s something most wonderful about the way they sound and feel and are some of the most responsive and rewarding trombones ever made. You can tell too, because most of them were owned originally by the top professionals of the period and often show lots of use. This one does have a lot of miles on it, but its still wonderful. A patch on the slide connector, plenty of small dings and lacquer wear give this trombone its character. All original parts including the hand bent nickel slide crook. Extremely versatile, this one would be at home in a pit, on stage with an orchestra or out for a night in the club. It won’t let you down. $2200 with case.