Custom Gronitz F Bass Trombone with C valve

Price: $4800

This is a custom project I commissioned from Brad Close. I wanted to have an orchestral F bass trombone made for Germanic repertoire and sourced a one-off custom Gronitz F bass trombone from Steve Ferguson that was in his inventory. At the time it had two inline valves and used a short standard length slide in combination with the valves for F trombone. I had Brad remove one of the valves and modify it to take a full length F slide that Shires has custom built for me, making this a single valve F bass trombone at full length with a C single valve, much more useful! It plays remarkably well and provides an amazing core and foundation in a brass section for a lot of romantic repertoire, which is how I envisioned using it. The slide has a removable handle, but I like to play it with the handle because it’s more fun that way. The bell is a 10” custom made F bass bell in yellow brass by Gronitz in Hamburg (now retired). Because of the design, it does have a small tuning slide but it is built at A440 with just a small amount of pull. An absolutely one of a kind bass trombone. REDUCED $4800 without case. The 2nd valve and tubing will be included for parts.