Custom Shires Long Island Brass Bass Trombone Caidex Valves

Price: $6500

This is a custom made bass trombone assembled by Jeff Gittleson of Long Island Brass with inline Swiss made CAIDEX valves. The bell is a BII1G shires bell (it shows some minor lacquer scarring around the bell throat and would be a good candidate to cut for screw flare), a custom Long Island Brass gold brass tuning slide and a Shires B6278YC bass trombone slide with one lead pipe. A very good playing instrument, especially on the Gb 2nd valve which is extremely useful on its own on this particular instrument. The hybrid closed/open wrap looks really nice and I like the weight distribution on the instrument, it feels good in the hands. This one has an open blow, even response, unique sound profile with a rich timbre while still giving a well defined front articulation. $6500 without case.