Ewald Meinl Classical Alto Trombone in Eb

Price: $3500

This is a replica alto trombone based on the Johann Schmied in Pfaffendorf Germany 1779 and is made by Ewald Meinl in Geretsreid Germany in 2012. It has a historic 4th position bell and a raw yellow brass inner slide and is in raw brass with a patina. It has a nickel silver garland with the Schmied decorations. Tuning slides for A440 and A430 are included and all parts are made from seamed sheet brass. This is a wonderful instrument for historic performance of Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Haydn as well as Mendelssohn and other composers from the classical era. It includes a Brassbags UK gig bag. I ordered this instrument for myself in 2012 and have proudly used it since, but am trying to downsize my instruments. $3500