Holton TR180 Bass Trombone

Price: $3750

This is something you don’t see often, a time capsule unmodified original Holton TR-180 bass trombone. The 180 was one of the earliest factory offered dependent double valved bass trombones and featured the controversial “Glantz” thumb paddle… or as I like to call it, the magic bar. Press on one side and the F valve engages. Press on the other side and both valves engage. It’s a bit awkward at first but once you get the hang of it this is actually a neat idea. You rarely see the Glantz lever anymore because most of these have been modified to split triggers. The TR180 also has some nice features, a wide throat 10″ red brass bell, wide nickel slide with brass crook. They make a really dark and vibrant sound, very Holton. This one is in excellent condition, looks nearly factory new. A unique opportunity for sure.