Miraphone 56A Tenor Tuba

Price: $3950

This Miraphone model 56A is an upright “Kaiser Baritone” or tenor tuba. With its tuba shape and 5 rotary valves, it’s ideally suited for orchestral tenor tuba parts in pieces like “Ein Heldenleben,” “Don Quixote,” “The Planets,” “Bydlo,” “Janacek Sinfonietta,” and others. Additionally, it features a main tuning trigger alongside the extra valves. The bell garland is nickel and engraved. Overall, it’s in very good condition with minor dings and cosmetic scratches but no significant signs of damage or repairs. Currently equipped with a small shank trombone mouthpiece receiver, it can be modified in-house by Brad Close to accommodate either a Euro shank or large shank receiver. Please note that a case is not included.