Thein F Contrabass Trombone

Price: $9750

This is a vintage Thein contrabass trombone in F with inline meinlschmidt rotary valves in D/Bb/Ab and also has an option Eb tuning slide to put it in traditional German tuning of Eb/Bb. Goldbrass construction with nickel slide. It has a 10 5/8″ bell and is overall in good condition. At some point in its life, the bell had some damage (probably from poor packing/shipping) which has been repaired but does show a scar in the lacquer. Remote push button water key is a nice feature. A top quality instrument that has a true trombone sound and is not a slide tuba. No mouthpiece is included, but I would recommend something like a Greg Black contrabass or Doug Elliott contrabass mouthpiece, YMMV. Includes the original Thein hard case.