Vincent Bach New York Model 45B Customized

Price: $4500

This is a rather unusual instrument but I could see this appealing to many players looking for a small bass trombone or larger tenor trombone. The previous owner, Billy Robinson, added an inline rotary valve in G into the tuning slide, making this an independent double valve trombone in Bb/F/G/E. In order to keep the original instrument more or less intact, the valve was placed into the tuning slide. You could purchase a custom 45 tuning slide (I can source one for you if interested) and make this into a convertible instrument back to the original single valve configuration. The slide is a straight .547″, similar to a model 42. The bell is a one piece 9.5″ flare with the 45 smaller taper (smaller throat that the model 50). The instrument is silver plated and tarnished. I personally like the patina on it, but it can be polished on request. With a gig bag.