Vintage Holton TR185 “Kleinhammer” Bass Trombone

Price: Reduced $4200

This is a rare vintage Holton bass trombone, the TR185, which replaced the original TR169 aka as the Kleinhammer model because it was modeled after Ed Kleinhammer’s red brass bell Bach New York 50B. These trombones are very special because they have one of the most clear and vibrant sounding middle registers of any model bass trombone. They also had a special plug in 2nd valve, which this one has (currently in E but could easily make a D slide for modern use). This one has been well used and played, it does has some dings and scratches and minor slide wear but it work well and has a lot of life left in it. If you want to own one of the coolest and most unique vintage bass trombones ever designed, this is the one to have. REDUCED $4200, no case.