Yamaha YHR-667 Geyer Style Double French Horn

Price: $5200 with case

The Yamaha YHR-667 served as Yamaha’s premier professional model in the late 1990s. Modeled after the renowned “Carl Geyer” horns, this double horn features an inline valve set with the change valve positioned at the bottom of the cluster. It boasts a medium-sized bell crafted from yellow brass. While newer models have since replaced the original 667, these horns remain highly sought after and popular. This specific instrument is in exceptional condition, having been purchased by its original owner in 1998 and sparingly used for a few concerts. It was then carefully stored and has remained untouched since. Upon inspection, it appears nearly new, devoid of any blemishes. The package includes the original case and several mouthpieces. Opportunities to acquire a practically new vintage instrument like this are rare, so don’t hesitate to seize this chance.